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How to report nursing home negligence

On Behalf of | May 24, 2022 | Nursing Home Negligence

Placing your loved ones in a New Mexico nursing home can be complicated. You may be wrestling with guilt over having to commit them to such a facility. At the same time, you need to be sure that they are getting the highest possible level of care. If you suspect that they are not, there needs to be a way to report it.

You need to know who to talk to

When it comes time to report nursing home negligence, you need to know who to talk to. This is an issue of the highest importance that can’t be placed on the back burner. You need to speak to someone in authority. This must be someone who can order changes made. They then need to make sure that this negligence never reoccurs.

The person that you speak to can be someone in a certain number of roles. These can include the supervisor in charge of the nursing home. It can also be the social worker who handles the case. You may wish to bring the matter to the Director of Nursing at the facility. You can also speak directly to your doctor.

The facility needs to process your complaint

If you suspect that your loved one is showing signs of neglect, you need to report the issue right away. The nursing home where your loved one resides needs to have a procedure in place to process any complaints that they receive. Following this procedure will normally result in a speedy resolution of the issue.

Should this not be the case, you may need to pursue your case elsewhere. For example, you may wish to bring the issue to the attention of the local resident or family council. They can direct you to info that will determine your next action.


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