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New Mexico nursing homes rated among the worst

Over 5,700 elderly New Mexico residents rely on the care of nursing home facilities to meet their basic needs. Residents, and their families, should be able to trust that they will be well cared for in these homes; unfortunately, this is not always the case.

New Mexico’s care facilities are rated as some of the worst in the United States. Almost half of the nursing homes evaluated in a study by ProPublica had one or more serious deficiencies. What should all families know about nursing home neglect and abuse in order to protect their loved ones?

Considering laser hair removal? Read this first.

You’ve probably heard of the hair removal phenomenon that’s taken the country by storm. Laser hair removal businesses have exploded in recent years. What used to be an expensive procedure only conducted by select physicians is now becoming cheaper and more readily available to the general public.

If the prospect of permanent hair removal sounds tempting to you, it’s important to educate yourself on the procedure—and its risks—before you sign up.

Fireworks safety tips for the 4th of July

The Fourth of July is just around the corner. Time to celebrate the nation's Independence Day with hot dogs, beer, American flag cake, and of course--fireworks. Many families will watch a professional fireworks display--either in person or on TV. Leaving pyrotechnics shows to the professionals is by far the safest way to experience such an event.

Nonetheless, people often prefer to set off fireworks themselves. Without taking the right safety measures, such an activity can quickly lead to a holiday disaster. In today's article, we discuss some basic guidelines to making your at-home Fourth of July fireworks show a success:

The alarming trend of trucking accidents

Every time there's a plane crash, the story makes headlines in every major media outlet. Fortunately, such tragedies occur infrequently. But what would happen if there were a commuter plane crash every week in the United States--each time killing all of its passengers? Under such a scenario, plane crashes would kill more than 4,000 Americans each year. There would likely be a public outcry to increase plane safety and reduce unnecessary deaths.

Research shows a way to minimize traffic jams and accidents

You’re sitting at the corner of Montgomery and San Mateo waiting for the lights to change. A line of cars sits ahead, idling and waiting, too. When the light turns green, the line surges ahead. But as you follow along, you see a car ahead hit its brakes and then the nearly instant reactions of the braking vehicles behind it: a succession of red brakelights glow and then fade as drivers slow and then hit the gas again, hoping to reduce their commutes as much as possible.

This ebb and flow of stop-and-go traffic plays out across the city hundreds of times a day. Recent research shows that if even one of those vehicles in the line drives in a steady fashion rather than the surge-brakes-surge style so common in rush hour, the likelihood of traffic jams, motor vehicle crashes and resultant injuries drops.

Albuquerque aiming to curb crashes at problematic intersection

In any city in the U.S., you'll find an intersection or stretch of the road that local drivers will know to circumvent. Certain areas, for a variety of reasons, can be magnets for car crashes, and those who wish to get to their destination without incident will dodge them accordingly.

For Albuquerque residents, the intersection of Broadway and Mountain has become such a location to avoid. A hotspot for accidents, the intersection is host to a great deal of semi-truck traffic, which is often travelling at speeds upwards of 50 mph. With an eye on making this intersection safer, city officials are taking steps to improve the crossing for both drivers and pedestrians alike.

Courts rule against limits on NM medical malpractice claims

In March of 2018, an Albuquerque court ruled against a long-standing law which capped medical malpractice recovery limits at $600,000. The law limited the compensation juries could award a plaintiff for pain and suffering and lost wages.

The law, however, did not involve limits for punitive damages and medical bills. An Albuquerque court deemed the law, which has been on the books since the 1990s, unconstitutional.

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