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Look out for these warning signs on your nursing home tour

Your elderly mother has been getting frailer and more forgetful lately. You know it’s not safe for her to continue living by herself, but you also know you don’t have the capacity to care for her in your home.

The decision to move your parent into a nursing home can be painful under any circumstances. But with all of the news stories lately of nursing home neglect, the idea of putting your parent in a stranger’s care is even more stressful.

Think hands-free calling while driving is safe? Think again.

New Mexico has taken legislative action in recent years to prohibit cellphone-related driving distractions. Since cellphones have becomes so prevalent, there has been a corresponding spike in accidents from distracted driving. It is now illegal to hold your cellphone while driving—regardless of whether you’re calling, texting or reading.

This law was put into place to improve traffic safety. Holding a cellphone while driving does increase rates of distraction—this much is clear. However, there is a widely held belief that hands-free calling eliminates the danger. This is untrue. Here’s why:

Look out for this common indicator of nursing home neglect

Nursing home mistreatment can take many forms. It may involve abuse in the form of financial exploitation, threats or physical harm. But one of the most common forms of elder mistreatment is neglectful care.

With abusive behavior, the signs may be easier to spot. You may notice unexplained injuries, unexplained bank account withdrawals or your loved one’s sudden depressed or fearful mood. With nursing home neglect, however, the symptoms may be less obvious.

5 steps to build your case in a defective product lawsuit

We use hundreds of products every day--most of them without even really noticing. We trust the corporations that manufacture these products to do so responsibly, and to meet national safety standards.

Nonetheless, we hear about cases of product defects every day--from exploding airbags to hazardous baby toys that cause suffocation. These types of accidents are relatively common. But that doesn't mean they're acceptable.

Minor fender bender? Go to the doctor anyway.

You were on your way to pick up your kids after school and slowed down when you reached the school zone. Unfortunately, the distracted driver behind you wasn’t paying attention and rear-ended you.

You count yourself lucky. There was only minor damage to your car, and just a bump on your head. It could’ve been much worse.

Back-to-school tips for new teen drivers

Your teenager just got their driver’s license over the summer. Now they’re looking forward to foregoing the school bus and driving themselves to school instead.

While you might be happy about their new-found sense of independence, you may also worry about the associated safety risks of your teen driving to school. Here are some tips to help them drive safely around school:

Motorcycle accidents and amputations: how to claim your life back

Getting into a motor vehicle collision at high speeds can be devastating for any anyone. But for a motorcycle rider, the resulting injuries can be far more severe than for the driver of a heavy vehicle. Injuries resulting in amputation are especially common for motorcycle riders.

The physical damage and disability that comes from amputation is often accompanied by other psychological damages. Individuals who have an amputation as the result of an accident have a much higher likelihood of suffering post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) than those who have an amputation due to a chronic disease.

Elder abuse: recognizing financial abuse of your loved one

When you hear the term “elder abuse,” images of negligent care or physical harm may spring to mind. While these are serious and tragic issues on their own, there are other types of elder abuse that are not so easily noticeable.

One common form of elder abuse—which can be difficult to spot—is financial exploitation. It is important to know common methods of financial abuse—and recognize the warning signs.

Inexperienced truck drivers causing more accidents, study says

A U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) study highlighted the role of inexperienced truck drivers in accidents involving semitrailers.

The agency’s 2018 report showed that a driver with under five years of experience driving big rigs—35,000 pounds to 80,000 pounds including cargo—are 41% more likely to cause an accident than a more experienced driver.

Merging safely onto highways can prevent accidents

Driving on multilane highways in New Mexico is a common occurrence. When you first started driving, you may have dreaded having to get on these roads because of heavy traffic and other factors that made it a nerve-wracking experience.

In particular, you may have had worries then and still have worries now about merging safely onto and off of highways. This action is not as simple as it seems, and it can understandably cause many drivers to feel nervous when having to get to their destinations. In fact, merging incorrectly could easily cause an accident.

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