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Dangerous low-profile beds in nursing homes

Technology has made it possible to improve living conditions at nursing homes in New Mexico and across the country, but in some cases, the latest advancements and developments have proven dangerous. Recently, the ECRI Institute uncovered some risks associated with the use of electric low-profile beds that are commonly found in assisted living centers, senior communities and nursing homes.


Bicycle safety can improve your odds

There are dozens of reasons to ride a bike to work in New Mexico. It is good exercise and good for the environment, and you do not have to pay for gas or insurance for your bike. However, it is also dangerous. Whether you ride as your mode of transportation, for pleasure or for your health, you are aware of the risks. In fact, perhaps you experience close calls with larger vehicles every time you are out on your bike.

You may be aware of the basic rules of safety when on your bike. You wear your helmet and other protective equipment, you maintain your bike, and you obey the traffic laws, such as riding with the flow of traffic. However, there are other steps you can take to improve the chances of arriving safely at your destination.

When your doctor makes a mistake: seeking justice

You go to the doctor in the hopes of having your pain or illness dealt with. But what happens if the doctor fails in that, and actually ends up making things worse? Whether your doctor misdiagnoses your condition, mis-prescribes your medication or makes a mistake that injures you, you deserve compensation for the consequences you suffer.

Your economic future could be in trouble—whether it’s because you are unable to work or you are facing huge medical bills for further treatment. A medical malpractice lawsuit could help you handle these problems.

Signs that your loved one is being abused in a nursing home

Leaving your older relative at a nursing home is supposed to alleviate stress, but it can bring on even more challenges. You brought them there expecting a certain level of care, and it doesn’t help anyone if they don’t receive what they need. They may not want—or be able—to report abuse or neglect themselves, so it could fall on you to notice the warning signs.


Oil and gas boom causing problems for New Mexico drivers

Many drivers are noticing the increase in truck traffic with New Mexico’s oil and gas boom. Highways like U.S. 82, U.S. 285, N.M. 128 and N.M. 18 are suddenly filled with semitrucks hauling oil and gas supplies. According to the Albuquerque Journal, this influx of big rigs is not only a nuisance for residents, but it also creates dangerous road conditions.

Just this last summer, Heather Lopez lost a friend in a crash on U.S. 82 near Loco Hills. The Artesia man was killed when the truck he was driving slammed head-on into a big rig. Lopez acknowledges that he may have had a hard time seeing since the accident occurred just as the sun was coming up.

Distracted driving: why your brain wants you to check your phone

We all do it. You may be having coffee with a friend, watching a movie or finishing up a last-minute report for your boss. Suddenly, your phone emits that enticing sound—alerting you to an incoming text, email or social media notification. Without thinking, you instinctively reach for your phone to see what’s new.

While, intellectually, we may realize it’s silly—or even impolite—to check our phones, it’s surprisingly hard to resist. This is because of how our brains have learned to respond to our cell phones.

Roadside safety tips in memory of a Good Samaritan

Though it is a daily activity for most adults, driving is extremely dangerous. Even in pristine conditions during broad daylight, distracted drivers often occupy the roads. But when weather takes a turn for the worst, safety concerns amplify.

When snow and ice hit New Mexico on January 2, roads turned deadly for one Good Samaritan during his efforts to stop and help others who had been involved in motor vehicle accidents. Pat Cisneros was hit and killed by a semi while he attended to a crash alongside I-40. But for the tow truck driver who tried to help, Mr. Cisneros’ memory lives on in a reminder about serving others safely.

Why are electronic copies of your medical record so expensive?

If you request an electronic copy of your medical record, or protected health information (PHI) held by a HIPAA-covered entity, you have a right to receive it in paper or electronic form within thirty days. However, the information will only be released if you pay the associated fines. Why are these records so expensive to release?

Why the government shutdown heightens personal safety concerns

If you were forced to work without pay, how long could you survive? Most Americans don’t have $400 saved up in case of emergency. For the more than 800,000 federal employees who are now entering their second straight month without income, the situation is getting increasingly dire.

There has been a lot of news coverage about federal employees’ economic straits. Across the country, federal workers are facing mounting bills they can’t pay, turning to food shelves for groceries and grappling with the idea that they may have to sell their homes.

New Mexico law aims to curtail distracted driving

Distracted driving has become a growing problem in recent years. It used to be that your carry-out coffee and your kids in the back seat were the only things taking your attention away the road. Nowadays, however, our phones provide the constant temptation of unlimited connectivity. Texting while driving, in particular, has led to a surge in traffic accidents—and deaths.

A few years ago, New Mexico took action to combat this dangerous trend. It passed legislation that prohibits distracted driving behavior. Commonly known as a “texting ban,” this law actually bans much more than just texting. In today’s post, we examine New Mexico’s distracted driving law in greater detail:

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