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New Mexico law aims to curtail distracted driving

Distracted driving has become a growing problem in recent years. It used to be that your carry-out coffee and your kids in the back seat were the only things taking your attention away the road. Nowadays, however, our phones provide the constant temptation of unlimited connectivity. Texting while driving, in particular, has led to a surge in traffic accidents—and deaths.

A few years ago, New Mexico took action to combat this dangerous trend. It passed legislation that prohibits distracted driving behavior. Commonly known as a “texting ban,” this law actually bans much more than just texting. In today’s post, we examine New Mexico’s distracted driving law in greater detail:

3 baby-safe tips for decking the halls

The holiday season is an exciting time of year. It's your annual occasion to bake Christmas cookies, go caroling and drink eggnog. Family traditions are strong at this time of year.

When you have a new baby, it can be easy to go about Christmas in the usual way--failing to consider that some of your holiday traditions can pose safety threats to your little bundle of joy.

6 social media rules of thumb following an accident

Going through a car accident can be traumatizing. Your life flashes before your eyes, and your world is turned upside-down. Suddenly, you find yourself in a hospital bed, trying to make sense of what happened—and what it means for your future.

In stressful times such as these, you may reach out for support from friends and family on social media. However, publishing anything related to your accident online can be a costly mistake.

What to do following a Black Friday injury

If you’re like many Americans, you headed to the mall the day after Thanksgiving to take advantage of the bargain offers. Maybe you even camped out in line the night before. This post-Thanksgiving shopping extravaganza is becoming almost as much of a tradition as the holiday itself.

Black Friday was originally so named because it represented the day of the year that put retailers “in the black”—i.e., operating at a profit. Nowadays, however, the name has gained a second meaning—referring to the high incidence of violence and accidents that occur on this day.

Speeding concerns on Albuquerque's bicycle boulevard

Drivers who speed create serious hazards out on the roads. Speeding vehicles can pose a particularly big danger to individuals who are out walking or biking. Speeding could increase the risk of especially harmful car vs. bike/pedestrian accidents occurring. So, one would hope Albuquerque drivers would be very mindful of their speed when pedestrians and bicyclists are around.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen. This is underscored by a news report from KRQE regarding the city’s bicycle boulevard on Silver Avenue.

Protecting your bundle of joy: car seat safety tips for your baby

When you have a child, it changes your outlook on the world. You may be filled with increased love and compassion. Your priorities in life may change dramatically. And—if you’re like most parents—you probably start to realize that everything around you now poses a safety hazard.

You set to work baby-proofing your home. You’ve covered electrical outlets, you’ve installed baby locks on kitchen and bathroom cabinets and you’ve gotten rid of any sharp or breakable furniture. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Traveling with your baby by car brings a whole new set of challenges.

Albuquerque puts renewed focus on bicyclists

There is a beautiful simplicity in the basic bicycle. Maybe that’s why cycling has grown in popularity over the last decade or so; both as a form of exercise and as a vehicle replacement.

Albuquerque has embraced bikes almost as much as cyclists themselves. A bike-friendly city, our town boasts over 400 miles of designated bike lanes, trails and other amenities for individuals powering themselves on two wheels. This is why the recent hit-and-run of a cyclist has come as such a shock.

Nursing homes unethically sedating dementia patients

The decision to put your elder parent’s care in the hands of a stranger requires an immense amount of trust—and it is likely not a decision you take lightly. But as your loved one’s memory becomes more compromised, you begin to realize that they can’t take care of themselves anymore—and that with your full-time job, you can’t manage that responsibility either. Finding outside help is the only solution.

So you entrust your parent’s health and wellbeing to the professionals. But what if you came to discover that their treatment wasn’t professional at all—even unethical and dangerous? In today’s post, we discuss an issue of growing concern in the nursing home community: the unauthorized use of antipsychotic drugs on dementia patients.

Weekend cycling event leads to crash and lawsuit

Cycling has seen a surge in popularity in recent years. One increasingly common way for city dwellers to ride their bikes is by participating in a group ride. Group rides take place all across the country, they're free of charge and they're open to the public.

The rules are simple: you and any other cyclists who want to join congregate at a meeting point at a fixed time. Then you all traverse the city together on a predetermined route. Group rides can be a good way to meet people with similar interests and build community.

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