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What are the signs of nursing home neglect?

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2021 | Nursing Home Negligence

You expect your loved one to be safe in their New Mexico nursing home. Sadly, many older adults who are in nursing homes end up in worse condition than when they entered the facility. Sometimes, that is due to nursing home abuse or neglect. It’s important to know how to recognize the signs of this type of abuse if you believe your loved one is a victim.

Evidence of lack of nutrition

A telltale sign of nursing home neglect is when your loved one shows signs of malnutrition. They will begin to have physical issues such as dehydration and lack of energy when you visit. Sometimes, lack of nutrition can be due to neglect, but other times, it might be a deliberate form of abuse.

Unexplained injuries

While nursing home residents often suffer from injuries due to falls, when injuries are occurring more frequently and cannot be explained, it might be due to abuse or neglect. Sudden broken bones, bruises in unusual places, head injuries and other maladies should be taken as a red flag. Your loved one might even be walked without assistance and falling, which is a sign of neglect.

Poor personal hygiene

Nursing home neglect frequently results in poor personal hygiene. You may notice your older loved one is unbathed or may even be wearing the same clothing you saw them in the last time you visited. They may not have their teeth brushed or their hair washed. You can often clearly spot these signs, which should immediately set off alarm bells.

Unsanitary conditions

Your loved one’s room and the facility as a whole should be clean. If the area is dirty or cluttered, it can be unsafe and unsanitary, which is a sign of neglect or abuse. In particular, if your loved one’s bedding is dirty, it should raise red flags.

Lack of mobility

Nursing homes usually have programs that give residents the opportunity to move around more. If these exercise programs aren’t being given and your loved one is suddenly not as mobile as usual, neglect might be coming into play.

If you suspect that your loved one is facing nursing home abuse or neglect, you should immediately report it to the facility’s administration so it can be investigated.


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