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Persuasive Litigation Graphics

Custom legal presentations that enhance and simplify otherwise complex arguments and facts can be the key to persuasive and accurate comprehension of the injustice suffered by your client.

Well executed litigation graphics will enhance you strategy of the case, streamline presentation pre-trial and at trial, and will be recalled not only by the jurors but long after deliberations have concluded.

Allegra Carpenter understands the power of presentation, how to effectively communicate complicated ideas, merge competing timelines, and how to successfully use litigation graphics to win cases.

The wise expression that, “a picture is worth a thousand words” has never been more appropriate than when put on trial.

For many, ideas and information are best understood and remembered when delivered through a combination of visual aids and auditorially. It is common that after three days, most jurors retain only about 10% of what they heard, but will retain 65% of what they see and hear. Visual support using litigation graphics of testimony evidence and case topics promotes superior juror understanding and reinforces recall in jury deliberations. The primary element to making legal presentations a persuasive communication weapon is to ensure they are straightforward. Legal graphics should distill complicated or intricate details into an understandable visuals.

Persuasive. The design should aggregate the main points of the truth in order that they are both logical and memorable. Compelling. By producing professional, constant design, your presentation becomes easy to understand quickly.

What Are Litigation Graphics

Legal graphics are a powerful tool and can be instrumental in both conceptualization and creation of key demonstratives. These graphics often include: • Trial graphic assessment and conceptualization sketches • Visual exhibits that display evidentiary elements such as timelines and documents • Added dynamics of action and depth to a conclusion or argument

How Legal Graphics Can Help Your Case

Litigation graphics, exhibit boards, and PowerPoint presentations can be the most effective persuasion solution for explanation when:

  • Conceptualizing complex ideas
  • Chronology or sequence of events is critical
  • Industry specific language and concepts are highly technical
  • Defining a complex comprehensive process for simplification
  • The cumulative amount of evidence needs to be distilled to avoid information overload.

Powerful PowerPoint Presentations
Whether you have started out creating your PowerPoint display and want a little “polish” to put on it, or if you want to get started on a case story from scratch, Allegra can offer a perfect solution for you. Let her work to create a custom presentation strategy for your litigation story.

Extensive Trial Graphics Experience
While Allegra Carpenter is an all-purpose litigator, she is well known for her mastery of storytelling using legal graphics. She was named 2015 Albuquerque Personal Injury Litigator of the Year, is over ten years listed in Best and also recognized in Super Lawyers. Allegra’s Super Power is creativity, using litigation graphics in trial as a tool to amplify the voice of clients’ injustices. Let her help you create persuasive litigation graphics to show jurors your client’s point of view. Trust her combination of experience, creativity, and customized storytelling to give your firm a winning edge.