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Defending Victims Of Medical Malpractice

When you suffer a health concern, you trust medical professionals to properly identify and treat the issue. Unfortunately this is not always the case. Each year, New Mexico residents face additional health complications or even lose their lives after receiving faulty medical care. Allegra-Law, LLC, aggressively protects the health and rights of medical malpractice victims and strives to secure the compensation they deserve for their hardship. These cases are complex and require significant analysis, resources and an experienced attorney. Allegra Carpenter has over 20 years of personal injury experience and celebrated trial skills to protect your best interests in a medical malpractice suit.

Identifying And Addressing Medical Malpractice

An unsatisfactory procedure or experience with a medical provider does not necessarily constitute malpractice. To qualify, a provider must deviate from the established standard of care, and this deviation must harm the patient. Malpractice may include failure to diagnose prominent symptoms of a recognizable condition, negligent or reckless care and mistakes that endanger your health. Due to the complexity of these cases, potential malpractice victims should discuss their case with an experienced malpractice attorney to evaluate whether they have grounds for a suit.

We also help families file wrongful death claims if they lose a loved one due to a medical provider’s careless actions.

Experience To Pursue Maximum Benefits

If we prove the validity of your medical malpractice claim, Allegra-Law, LLC, can help you pursue maximum benefits. It may be possible to pursue compensation for:

  • Endured pain and suffering
  • Loss of future earning potential
  • Incurred medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Punitive damages

We can carefully analyze each aspect of your case to fully identify opportunities for compensation. Our goal is to help you find justice and protect your on-going financial security.

Contact Us For Trusted Legal Support

If you or a loved one suffered medical malpractice, Allegra-Law, LLC, can provide the trusted legal support you need. Call our skilled trial lawyer at 505-340-3545 to schedule a complimentary case consultation. You may also contact our Albuquerque offices online.