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Truck accidents may come with complexities

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2023 | Truck Accidents

When a motor vehicle accident happens, the victims who suffer losses typically file a lawsuit or insurance claim for compensation. Unlike car collisions, truck crashes in New Mexico can be more complex, which may delay expectations for settlement dates.

Truck crash incidents

The obvious difference between a tractor-trailer and a car, pickup truck, or SUV is the massive size. A semi-truck can crush any vehicles it hits, and victims will suffer a multitude of injuries. As with any personal injury lawsuit, the claimants must submit evidence. Medical records are evidence, and persons seeking compensation will submit those records along with receipts and estimates for their past and upcoming treatments and rehab. Extensive and detailed evidence requires a review, which can take some time.

A truck collision might involve multiple vehicles and harm several victims. If this is the case, there is significant evidence to review, and multiple parties are seeking claims. The civil litigation following such a crash can be longer and more involved than a less catastrophic accident involving two cars.

Additional notes about truck collisions

Proving negligence after truck accidents is essential for a civil lawsuit or liability insurance settlement. With truck crashes, there can be more negligent parties than what is common with car crashes. For example, the driver, the driver’s employer, and third parties contributing to poor maintenance might all share fault for the crash. Suing all three parties will add complexities to the case.

When dealing with the complex issues surrounding truck crashes, someone might believe it is necessary to settle quickly. Insurance companies might try to take advantage of the situation and offer a low amount. However, it is more beneficial to continue to negotiate for a fairer settlement.


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