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Common nursing home complaints caregivers should address

On Behalf of | May 10, 2022 | Nursing Home Negligence

Many older adults in New Mexico require extra care and might have to get it in nursing homes. Family caregivers must be aware of certain common complaints by their elderly loved ones.

Being ignored

One of the most common complaints from nursing home residents is that they are ignored by staff. This is a distinct form of nursing home neglect that occurs all too often. If the person summons assistance that never comes or comes much later, it can have serious consequences for their health. An elderly resident might need assistance to use the bathroom and end up sitting or lying in urine or feces. Bedsores are very common problems that happen when elderly residents are ignored by nursing home staff as well. Caregivers should take action if they hear this complaint from their loved ones.

Being isolated

Many elderly nursing home residents feel isolated from their fellows. This is a common complaint that caregivers should know about and take action on. Some nursing staff might attend to the person’s needs but fail to take them out into common areas to socialize with other residents. This is a mistake that sometimes happens due to neglect. However, it might also occur because of deeper reasons such as staff being overwhelmed with too much work.

Fear of lifts

Lifts are often used in nursing homes to help elderly residents get up out of bed or out of wheelchairs. It’s common for residents to express fear of assistive devices. Caregivers should be aware of this issue and address it with nursing home staff so that their loved ones can realize it’s there to help.


Many elderly nursing home residents struggle with depression. It could be due to their physical, cognitive or mental health. Caregivers should look into the options available for helping their loved ones. This could include therapy, medication, and even hobbies or nursing home programs.


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