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Protect your facility or yourself from a malpractice lawsuit

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2022 | Medical Malpractice

Operating a nursing home, providing hospice care or acting as a home health aide in New Mexico means following specific protocols to ensure the patient gets the best possible care. If you’re in any of these positions and want to safeguard against an accusation of negligence, it can help to follow a few tips, which include the following:

• Thoroughly documenting all actions taken

• Recording the date and time when discovering a problem has occurred

• Maintaining a full staff

• Keeping a positive relationship

Documenting correctly is vital

Having complete records is essential if you’re operating a nursing home or acting as a home health aide. Documenting each patient assessment and any developments can be critical in protecting you from a nursing home negligence suit. Noting any deviations from the patient’s normal state will show when it was found and how it was handled.

Indicating the date and time of a problem can be critical

Writing down the date, time and signing your entry is important when assessing a patient. Doing so can help keep you protected from a malpractice suit when a patient has a problem. Documenting all actions shows how care was provided after the discovery.

Having adequate staffing

Ensuring that there is an adequate staff to take care of patients is also essential. If there aren’t enough staff members to take care of the patients, their care suffers.

Developing good relationships with patients

Having a good relationship with patients can also be an excellent way to avoid a malpractice lawsuit. Ensuring that you treat each patient with respect and dignity should help eliminate any avoidable problems.

Implementing the proper protocols for your nursing home, as a hospice care provider or home health aide, can be vital in ensuring patient safety and preventing a malpractice lawsuit from occurring.


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