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AAA survey reveals unease with autonomous cars

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2020 | Car Accidents

Though self-driving cars are more than a decade away from realization, automakers want to ensure the public’s support for them. Yet the majority of U.S. adults have misgivings about this next step in car technology. You may have misgivings even about current car technology after being in a crash with a semi-autonomous vehicle in New Mexico.

Most feel uneasy about self-driving cars

AAA conducted a survey in early 2020 where it asked drivers if they would feel safe riding in a fully autonomous car. Only 12% said yes. There appear to be a number of factors in this. The survey delved into the things that would reassure drivers about self-driving cars. For 72% of respondents, having the ability to take over a self-driving car in an emergency would provide that reassurance. For 69%, it was the presence of a human back-up driver. For 47%, it was the knowledge that a self-driving car had passed the strictest inspections and tests, and for 42%, it was seeing or being a part of a self-driving demonstration.

Key safety issues are not being addressed

Not only automakers but also policymakers and media have a role in building up support for autonomous cars. Survey respondents expressed their desire for concrete information concerning safety issues like hacking. In fact, 49% of respondents mentioned that they were concerned about the cars being hacked into. Fifty-one percent wondered what laws would make the cars safe. Above all, 57% said they want to know who would be held liable in a crash with a self-driving car.

An attorney ready to go to trial

The question of liability is one that you’re most likely interested in if you wish to pursue a personal injury lawsuit. It could be that the other driver was distracted by the technology in his or her car, but perhaps the automaker was negligent, too, in failing to educate car owners about the limitations of the tech. Whatever your case is like, you may want a lawyer to help determine who the defendants are. The lawyer may act on your behalf at the negotiation table or in the courtroom.


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