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Speeding concerns on Albuquerque’s bicycle boulevard

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2018 | Car Accidents

Drivers who speed create serious hazards out on the roads. Speeding vehicles can pose a particularly big danger to individuals who are out walking or biking. Speeding could increase the risk of especially harmful car vs. bike/pedestrian accidents occurring. So, one would hope Albuquerque drivers would be very mindful of their speed when pedestrians and bicyclists are around.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen. This is underscored by a news report from KRQE regarding the city’s bicycle boulevard on Silver Avenue.

This stretch of road sees car, pedestrian and bicycle traffic. The speed limit for this bicycle boulevard is 18 mph. This lowered speed limit is place in part to help protect bicyclists.

However, according to the news article, some people claim that it is very common for drivers to go well above this speed limit. KRQE monitored a stretch of this bicycle boulevard for 45 minutes and did spot instances of motorists ignoring the 18 mph speed limit. There were some instances of cars going a little over 30 mph.

How common do you think it is for Albuquerque drivers to be speeding in areas with lots of pedestrian and bicycle traffic? How mindful do you feel drivers in the city are of pedestrian and bicyclist safety?

When drivers here in Albuquerque speed or engage in other negligent conduct out on the roads, pedestrians and bicyclists can end up paying the price. Skilled personal injury attorneys can help pedestrians and bicyclists harmed by negligent motorists fight for the just compensation they need and deserve.


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