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Albuquerque aiming to curb crashes at problematic intersection

On Behalf of | May 16, 2018 | Car Accidents, Injuries, Truck Accidents

In any city in the U.S., you’ll find an intersection or stretch of the road that local drivers will know to circumvent. Certain areas, for a variety of reasons, can be magnets for car crashes, and those who wish to get to their destination without incident will dodge them accordingly.

For Albuquerque residents, the intersection of Broadway and Mountain has become such a location to avoid. A hotspot for accidents, the intersection is host to a great deal of semi-truck traffic, which is often travelling at speeds upwards of 50 mph. With an eye on making this intersection safer, city officials are taking steps to improve the crossing for both drivers and pedestrians alike.

Better regulating the flow of traffic

With corners that don’t match and buildings that rest very close to the street, it’s not difficult to see what makes Broadway and Mountain such a dangerous intersection. A spokesperson for the Department of Municipal Development says that preventing tractor trailers from turning too sharply, in particular, is a primary concern. (When cornering, semi-trucks have been known to clip the buildings that flank the intersection.)

The DMD, for their part, placed new striping at the crossing a few years back, but they’re now doing a study to come up with other improvements. Some locals have suggested a turn arrow, but the city may go as far as prohibiting trucks from Mountain road. The intersection also lacks a crosswalk on its north side, making it particularly treacherous for pedestrians and the disabled.

The aftermath of an accident

Whether taking place at Broadway and Mountain or any other Albuquerque roadway, a collision with a semi-truck can be a devastating and costly experience. For drivers who suffer such accidents, insurance claims and lawsuits can quickly get complicated, as multiple parties could be liable — including the trucking company itself. Motorists who find themselves in a semi-truck accident could benefit from seeking legal counsel. An experienced attorney may offer valuable insight in the event that legal action becomes necessary.


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