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Can defensive driving save you from a crash?

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2024 | Car Accidents

Do you understand what defensive driving involves? It doesn’t take long watching drivers to realize that most do not or, if they do, they don’t practice it.

Defensive driving is simple and if more drivers engaged in it, the number of traffic accidents would drop considerably. In other words, most crashes are avoidable. Here are a few of the basics of defense driving that you can implement right now without further ado:

Look far ahead

If you are looking down at your phone or across at a passenger, you can’t see what is happening around you. You can’t see anything that might require you to take action, from a driver changing lanes to a truck tire exploding and spewing debris into your path.

Slow down

Going slower is simple – just don’t press so hard on the gas. Why is it defensive? Because going slower gives you more time to react to things. It gives you more time to steer around a hazard or brake before reaching the vehicle in front of you. It also gives the other party (if there is one, more time to react to avoid a collision).

Brake early

Unsure whether you need to brake? In that case, you are usually better off braking, even if only lightly. Even just taking your foot off the gas pedal and switching it to the brake pedal can gain vital time if you actually do need to brake.

With one report claiming that 90% of collisions could have been avoided if drivers reacted just one second earlier, it’s clear that following these steps to buy yourself time could save you from death or injury. That said, you cannot count for all eventualities, and if another driver’s actions harm you you can look to hold them responsible for compensation.


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