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Winter driving tips for truck drivers in New Mexico

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2022 | Truck Accidents

While many associate New Mexico with the warm and sunny temperatures of the desert, parts of the state average more than 100 inches of snow each year. The very northern mountain regions average more than 300 inches of snow. If you drive through New Mexico, you may need these tips for handling your truck in the winter.

Carry supplies

During the winter months, you may need to include extra cargo to handle the ice and cold. This extra gear may protect you in case any truck accidents occur. Examples of winter weather supplies you should keep on hand include:

• Extra clothes
• Gloves
• Blankets
• Sand or salt
• Jackets with high-visibility
• Brushes and scrapers
• Tire chains
• Cables for jumping

Truck inspections

Even if you perform routine maintenance on your truck, winter weather calls for additional inspections. Keeping up to date on these particular inspections may reduce your chances of an accident:

• Tire pressure and balance
• Functional defrosters
• Topped up fluid levels
• Functional lights
• Clear exhaust pipes
• Functioning battery

Slow down and give more space

Winter accidents may occur because truck drivers simply failed to slow down on icy roads. Your vehicle weighs more and needs more time to stop. You will need even more time on winter roads. In addition to slowing down, give yourself extra space between your truck and other vehicles.

Drive smoothly

Keep your hands on the wheel at all times. Refrain from making sharp movements that make you lose control of the entire vehicle. Keep your speed consistent and brake slowly.

Do your best to avoid an accident

While most truck drivers practice extreme caution on the road, accidents still happen. When accidents do happen, they can cause catastrophic injuries and place you at the center of a lawsuit. You may not be able to avoid the accidents or the lawsuits, but driving carefully may shield you from actually being held financially responsible for the crash.


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