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Navigate to Safety program to protect teen drivers

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2022 | Car Accidents

It seems that every day, teen drivers hit the roads of New Mexico for the first time. A new program aims to help keep those drivers safe and reduce the risk of fatal car crashes.

What is the program to reduce fatal crashes among teen drivers?

Navigate to Safety: Roadmaps for Parents of Teen Drivers is a new program that comes courtesy of the American Property Casualty Insurance Association and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Its goal is to provide guides to teens and their parents on the best ways they can make wiser choices for teens hitting the roads.

The program is important due to the safety lessons it offers. Teen drivers are less experienced and more daring, which makes driving a riskier activity for them. The program helps teens to make better, educated decisions on driving to keep them safer.

What are the program’s different parts?

Navigate to Safety has three distinct parts. Choosing a Vehicle teaches teens about the best ways to choose the right vehicle. It discusses how they should avoid choosing one that’s too old, too small or a car with too much horsepower, which can be dangerous. It highlights which vehicles are the best for safety and durability in the event of an accident.

Embracing Safety Tech is the part of the program that discusses all the latest safety technology today’s vehicles include. It highlights things that are particularly relevant to teen drivers such as automatic braking, blind-spot detection and more. Parents are even shown how they can set limits on their kids and monitor them when they drive.

Laying Down the Law involves discussing the laws of the road and why those laws are in place. It also stresses added restrictions placed on teen drivers to keep them safe. For example, making sure they aren’t driving distracted is a big focus.

Teens and parents can take solace in this program as it can keep kids safer when driving.


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