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Why speeding on the highway is so dangerous

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2020 | Car Accidents

Speeding is dangerous.  If you manage to avoid getting tickets you might start to think it’s acceptable. But just because you’ve avoided getting in trouble in the past doesn’t mean you’ll be safe in the future. Every day, thousands of people are stopped by the police for speeding on the highways. And worse still, thousands of people die every year due to speeding-related accidents. It might be common, but it’s not as harmless as it seems.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that speeding is the second leading cause of fatal auto accidents. In fact, one-third of all fatal car accidents involve speeding. Over 13,000 people die in these accidents each year, while over 600,000 people are injured. Studies have also shown that higher speed limits can lead to increased fatalities.

Most adults have been pulled over for speeding at some point in their lives. A speeding ticket can cost hundreds of dollars, and if you decide to hire an attorney, the cost could soar into the thousands. Your insurance rates might also skyrocket. And if you get caught speeding multiple times, you could lose your driver’s license.

You might be a safe driver, but you can’t account for everyone on the road. If someone’s speeding on the highway, they might lose control and slam into your vehicle. A personal injury attorney could help you negotiate with the applicable insurance company and prove that the driver acted recklessly. Legal counsel might also help prove that you’ve suffered extensive emotional and physical damages.


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