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Avoiding frequent causes of motorcycle accidents

On Behalf of | Sep 2, 2020 | Motorcycle Accidents

Many New Mexico residents enjoy taking to the open road on a motorcycle. While most do so without incident, there is no doubt that they are at risk for injuries and fatalities in motorcycle accidents. Before the accident happens, it is wise to think about preventative measures.

Reducing the danger of motorcycle crashes

Understanding the most common ways in which these collisions happen is important. For instance, riders can be seriously hurt if a vehicle turns in front of them. The driver might not be paying attention or may misjudge the rider’s speed. Turning a corner at too great a speed can cause a bike crash. Vehicles might be stopped ahead, or the rider’s speed could lead to a spill as they angle the bike. Vehicles changing lanes is often the catalyst of a motorcycle accident, and its cause is comparable to a vehicle turning into a bike’s path.

Motorcyclists can be rear-ended too. Riders could take steps like pulling in front of a stopped vehicle so that a rear vehicle doesn’t hit the bike if it does not stop. In some situations, a rider is with an individual or group that takes unnecessary risks. Following their lead lends itself to danger.

Cars opening doors unexpectedly is one of the biggest challenges that riders face. Drivers who are otherwise attentive when on the road might not be paying strict attention when exiting the vehicle and open the door to an unsuspecting biker. Riders should remain in the middle of the road. Finally, slippery conditions are treacherous and can result in a biker skidding and sliding. When the weather is poor, it is better to ride slowly and cautiously.

Legal advice after motorcycle accidents

Motorcyclists are inherently vulnerable. Because they are unprotected, they can suffer broken bones, brain trauma, spinal cord damage, abrasions and even lost limbs. In the worst-case scenario, there can be fatalities. For help with medical expenses, lost wages and other problems that arise after motorcycle accidents, it may be helpful to have legal advice.


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