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Six frequently reported injuries in car crashes

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2020 | Car Accidents

There are roughly six injuries that can arise in an auto accident here in New Mexico, the first and most common being whiplash. This is caused by the violent snapping back and forth of the neck and can either stretch or tear the neck ligaments and muscles. Victims may suffer from severe pain and neck stiffness.

Concussions also a common injury

The hitting or jarring of the head can lead to a concussion, a mild traumatic brain injury. The symptoms, which may appear immediately or in a delayed fashion, can include dizziness, mental confusion and difficulty concentrating. Concussions do not always involve loss of consciousness. As with whiplash, concussions must be treated as soon as possible.

Injuries to the bones and joints

Broken bones are a third well-known outcome with victims being especially prone to fracture their arms, wrists, legs and feet. The risk for a fracture increases when victims brace their arms and legs for impact. Next, there’s a high chance of dislocating a joint, such as the shoulder and the knee. Fifth, a spinal disc could become herniated, causing weakness, tingling and even bladder issues.

Emotional trauma another possibility

Crashes can be so severe that the victims develop feelings of anxiety, even becoming afraid to drive, having nightmares and reliving the accident day after day. Others may become depressed and suffer from PTSD.

Hiring an auto accident attorney

Car accidents are usually the fault of one side or another. If your degree of fault is clearly less than the other party’s, you may have a good chance of achieving a settlement that covers all your monetary and non-monetary losses, such as medical bills, lost wages and pain and anguish. This state holds to a pure comparative negligence rule, and you may want an attorney to evaluate your case according to this.


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