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Allegra Carpenter presents at the Annual AAJ Convention

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2018 | Truck Accidents

Attorney Allegra Carpenter presented at this year’s American Association for Justice’s (AAJ) Annual Convention in Denver, Colorado, from July 7-10. A skilled litigator and trial consultant, Carpenter shared insights on how plaintiff attorneys can favorably represent clients concurrently involved in a criminal trial. 

Carpenter spoke to the Inadequate Security Litigation Group, presenting on the timely topic of “Straddling the Criminal and Civil Fence: Litigating Security Cases While Working with the Criminal Justice System.” She explained the regular intersection of civil and criminal trials during inadequate security cases and how attorneys can strategically navigate these dual proceedings to benefit their clients.

Presentation highlights included how to:

  • Leverage a client’s rights during a criminal trial to aid their civil case
  • Utilize evidence from the criminal investigation
  • Depose a criminal offender

The AAJ Annual Convention focuses on plaintiff lawyers and how they can improve client representation. The conference brings experienced trial lawyers and legal experts into discussion surrounding creative trial tactics and case strategies. Ms. Carpenter has litigated negligent security cases for 25 years. She is a regular presenter at conferences and a leader in her creative approach to developing trial materials to show liability and present evidence in the best way possible.


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